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...Dear Diary

Diaries of a Divergent

چهارشنبه 21 بهمن 1394 ساعت 00:08


I don't wanna see her like this

I miss her

I don't wanna lose her

I don't wanna lose myself

I want to go there

And see everything is alright again

Everything is like what it was before

I can't just go there

And pretend

Like everything is ok

I'm ok

Because I'm not

I don't like strangers


People ruin everything

I wanna be who I am

I wanna show my emotions

I'm tired of pretending

These days making myself happy has gotten harder

And I hardly ever laugh

I feel like all my smiles and laughs are just acting

I feel like they're not real

I don't like it

It's ok but just don't expect me to consider you a friend 

Not anymore

Now you're nothing to me like others

But the stupid thing is I still care

Cause I'm an idiot

Of course

By the way

I got friends again with k. Yay


Nighty Night

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