...Dear Diary

...Dear Diary

Diaries of a Divergent

شنبه 29 اسفند 1394 ساعت 13:01

New Year is Coming

Even though I  hate this year so much I don't want a new one 

جمعه 28 اسفند 1394 ساعت 23:08

It hits me and ruins everything

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رمز عبور:
پنج‌شنبه 27 اسفند 1394 ساعت 14:38


I miss being happy

I miss her

I hate everything

دوشنبه 24 اسفند 1394 ساعت 18:08


Say Goodbye

Don't Follow

شنبه 22 اسفند 1394 ساعت 00:37

چه چیزایی که باید ثبت میشد اما نشد...

چهارشنبه 19 اسفند 1394 ساعت 22:10

Feeling Lonely

I don't know if I want to be alone or not

Maybe it's just a bl**dy defence mechanism or sth

I really don't know

It hurts

But I don't...

I want...

I don't know


Even if I want to there's no one

So end of the story


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