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...Dear Diary

Diaries of a Divergent

چهارشنبه 19 اسفند 1394 ساعت 11:33


We did it N. We did it

We stopped crying

We stopped being sad

We danced

And jumped

And laughed again

With this song

Nope we're not giving up on it

Nope we won't let this cruel world take our little things that make us happy when we're sad

We won't let it make us sad

We won't give in

We won't let it go

It's gonna stay as the song to make us happy when we're sad

I guess then david won't be sad too

He would've gotten sad if he knew that because he's dead we let go of his song

And get sad when hearing it

Not that's not what he would've wanted

It's gonna stay as our favorite song

Our song


I'm happy

I thought I lost it

I really did

But today

When it started accidentally

I didn't stop it

I let it play

And we were going to cry

But then I thought

That's not right

I shouldn't let it get like this

It was one of our favorite songs

The song that I sang for N. When he was sad

The song that made us happy when we were sad

It was one of the songs that could always make us happy

Even when we thought nothing can

When nobody could or even tried to

And I stopped

And said let's forget that he's dead and gone

It's not our first time

Michael is dead

Alan is dead

K. Is dead

L. Is dead

That's not something new

But we don't cry when their songs or movies play


This one shouldn't too


And now while writing this

It came to my mind

That I shouldn't cry while remembering good memories of her too

Because then they will be ruined

And that's not what she wants for us

She had told us this thing directly

But damn I can't

In this one I can't

Cause even right now I'm at the point

That remembering another memory of her can definitely make me cry

And that makes the second time I'm gonna cry today so nope

Forget about it

M. Don't hate yourself

I'm never gonna do that

No bargaining

Or doing anything to ...

Or even going after....


These are the things that people must learn from it

It's not religion that is important to me

It's the way that people are

Their personality

Their goodness

Their kindness

Their humanity

That's whats important

Sometimes teachers can say good stuff too

But that doesn't mean that they're not stupid

Phonies :))))

H. You damn boy :))))

I'm so like him

Believe me or not

I misd him

By the way

Am I guilty

For the death of my plants


Well I feel guilty

And for ruining that poor thing too

And for all that I did

And we both know what

Can you hear me

What am I to you

No answer


That's it

I gotta go

Studying you know

It was a good day

K.C and I are friends again

And I talked to M.H.H too

And we had a great time with N.

What could be better?

I will visit them today

And I will buy some balloons too

I'm gonna buy some stuff for auntie and mom maybe

A lot of good things happening


Wish that nothing comes up and ruin it

We ran out of Internet

So it's really time to go

Bye Bye

See ya



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