New Year New Problems - ...Dear Diary

...Dear Diary

Diaries of a Divergent

چهارشنبه 4 فروردین 1395 ساعت 11:52

New Year New Problems

It's being a bl**dy year from the beginning

Awsome -_-

I don't like people who psychoanalyze me

Even those who try to

And don't think I don't get it

By the way nice birthday :(

F*ck you all

No cake no going out no great dinner nothing just gifts

My aunt didn't remember it

My Grandpa too

My younger uncle

None of the contacts did

Just 5 people did

And four was close people I mean family you know

And one of my classmates did but a day before it

I guess it was because I told happy new year to her

That idiot did too but after I told HBD to her first that reminded her

Filthy liars

I know them

I knew that it was all a lie

Ans a day after it you expect me to answer your questions

Get lost you b**** 

You will ask me questions while you don't remember that it was my birthday

Great you're a nice friend you know

A lot did say HBD from far family members

But a day after it

And after that jerk in the group said yesterday was Sara's B-Day 


It's being such a great year

Cried a lot on the first day of it

My heart broke a lot on the first day

I got bored and felt super sad a lonely

That's awesome isn't it

My mom was out almost all the night on the second day (my birthday) and the third one

That great time I had in the midnight yeah fantastic >_<

I don't study good enough

I'm wasting my time

I'm scared

My Grandma


I'm sad

And yeah


No apologies accepted

Leave me alone


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روزهاتون شاد شاد...تقدیرتون قشنگ...از ته دل عیدتون مبارک خیلی خوشحال میشم عزیزم به منم سر بزنی
چهارشنبه 4 فروردین 1395 ساعت 16:02
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