Different ways to die or I better say to kill yourself - ...Dear Diary

...Dear Diary

Diaries of a Divergent

چهارشنبه 5 خرداد 1395 ساعت 14:34

Different ways to die or I better say to kill yourself

I just wanna drown myself in a lake in twilight

And then walk away like nothing happened with a hood of course

Nice way for dying

Or I can beat myself to death 

Or I can just throw myself from a high building

And take a good look at that dead body probably with a white dress yeah that would be nice

And the me up there with a black hood again

Ooh nice a lot of blood would be around

Turns so nice

And so tempting for real

And then at the end I again walk away like nothing happened

Amd leave the crowd

And their bloody annoying noises

+I f*cking don't care anymore

About what other people think about me

It's not like anybody cares for me anyway

I like to stand on my own grave in a rainy day

And just look at it for an hour or so

And then leave

I want this

Oh God

I'm so angry and mad today

I'm having fights with myself

Why don't you just die

That's what the black me is telling me

Well you know the bro version of me is somewhere else so yup there is just the self destructive me and me right now!

Too muck pressure I guess

Nothing to worry about

F*ck life

I wish I could have an endless sleep I'm so tired

I want a warm hug

I'm so cold

I'm so alone

And I feel so lonely

Ah forget about

It's not like anyone cares about all these

I better go



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