Give me a call to check if I'm still alive - ...Dear Diary

...Dear Diary

Diaries of a Divergent

سه‌شنبه 11 خرداد 1395 ساعت 15:00

Give me a call to check if I'm still alive

I really need someone to talk to right now

But well like always there's no one to call

Everyone are busy over their own lives

Can't blame them well

So sweet when around people

So bitter when all alone

Am I bitter

I don't know

Well I guess

What I can say for sure is that I'm tired

Tired of trying and no good results coming out of it

F*ck the world again

I'm sleepy

But I'm not sure I'm not talking nonsense or sth

Maybe that's why she didn't like me anymore

You know people have their own problems to take care of

They're so busy that they won't have time to listen to yours

And more than that they do not care about you

They do not think of you

(it's the dark side again talking I can feel it the way he chooses words to push me down get the f*ck out of my mind I have enouf problems already okay)

You're an idiot

I wish I really could drown myself

It's way better down there than up here

I'm tired

I really wish I could talk with someone right now

I wish k.c. would just come here for a minute

No need to talk

Just a hug would do too

Just a hug

Give me love

Save me

It sounds like a dark horror story

I'm getting scared of myself

Let's end it seriously


Sorry for the sad vibes

Didn't really want it to turn out like this

Well it's not like anyone reads these


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