...Dear Diary

...Dear Diary

Diaries of a Divergent

پنج‌شنبه 28 مرداد 1395 ساعت 17:43


F*ck going away

I'm back

Just the news:

I'm lonelier than ever these days


or maybe 3

I'm getting paranoid

and maybe some hallucinations

not important


I will never be the same

Like ever

A lot of swears going on these days

To almost anyone including G. nice huh

I'm tired man

I'm just tired

Not scared anymore

of anything


M.B.F happened


that's just normal

Had some crazy scary dream

that scared the sh*t out of me

still okay

I really needed to talk

and still do

well the good thing is I have k.c and n. to talk to


By the way I mean I told

F*ck you

to M. and S. and G. so

You need it more than anyone I guess

F*ck you a thousand times for being such a bad near friend and a do*chbag

F*ck you all

I'm just tired

I'm lonely

I'm sad

Like that's sth new


TV series make me laugh

So I'm not that hopeless

If I lay my hands on one of those man I'll just do it

I will

People people

Why don't you get it

I'm not good

I'm not happy

I'm not childish

I'm dead

or maybe like always I'm just not good enough

F*ck it

Like I care







I'm tired man

I definitely need a break on bad news

and bad things



and NO

I won't do that or that not anymore

That will just make me sadder than I am

and guilty too

So no


The bad side really was mean this time

I'm tired

Dreams so far away

And I just wanna sleep

and ...

Bye for now

پنج‌شنبه 14 مرداد 1395 ساعت 13:56

...Dead men tell no tales

It's the end




All hopes are gone

All trusts are betrayed

All fears are done

All life is dead

All me is lost




So say goodbye

Don't follow

پنج‌شنبه 14 مرداد 1395 ساعت 13:48

Hopeless and Dead inside

MBF happened

And I'm still alive

I lost all the the trust

And Hope

I don't fear anything anymore

I don't have hope anymore

 I'm a dead person




Now you've sewn them shut

F*ck you

Pray that I ...


Cause I don't believe anymore

I lost MBF

And I faced MBF

And I lost my G

And I lost myself

A piece of me got buried that day with her

And it won't ever be the same

Or maybe

I don't want it to be the same

They should have buried me with her

I'm drowned

And this time I don't want anyone to save me

I don't want to be saved

I wanna ...

If I ever want to be saved

I'm the one who's gonna save me

Not G not anyone else

I hate you

I miss her

And she's dead 

Now she's really dead


یکشنبه 10 مرداد 1395 ساعت 16:19


این مطلب رمزدار است. در صورت نیاز رمز آنرا از نویسنده مطلب دریافت نمایید.
رمز عبور:
شنبه 9 مرداد 1395 ساعت 18:51

اه همش بایدفک کنی عنوان چی بزاری! >_<

قیافش بهتر شد! :)

ولی هنوز با اون صفحه اولش مشکل دارم ببینم میتونم اونم بردارم یا نه! رو اعصاب میره!

موسش میزارم همینجور فلافی بمونه! اشکال نداره! :)

بقیشم که اوکیه! D:

بعدا نوشت: برش داشتم!!!! :))))

شنبه 9 مرداد 1395 ساعت 18:46


چقدر تو چندتا پست قبلی به خودم لعنت فرستادم!!! :|||

ماذا فازا؟! :///

فک کنم دیشب دوباره اون بده اومده بود که همش میخواد اوقات آدمو تلخ کنه و آدمو بکوبه!


اصن خوشم نیومد!

چیز خاصی برا گفتن ندارم!

میخوام بالاخره اینجارو عوض کنم!

من آدمی نیستم که از تغییر زیاد خوشش بیاد!

ولی زیاد قیافه وب با پستاش دیگ نمیخونه!

آره باید عوضش کنم!

یا وبو عوض کنم!


دلم نمیاد قیافشو عوض کنم!

فک کنم وقتشه یه وب جدید بزنم!

ول کردن اینجا سخته!

این وب نه به هدف اولیش رسید نه به هدف دومیش!

آره یه وب جدید میزنم!


میخوام درست درمون با اینجا خداحافظی کنم!

پستای قبلی همه ناراحت و عصبانی بودن!

دلم نمیخواد اینجوری ببندمش!



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