Hate Everyone Trust No one - ...Dear Diary

...Dear Diary

Diaries of a Divergent

جمعه 20 فروردین 1395 ساعت 17:11

Hate Everyone Trust No one

One girl answers me just to be polite

The other doesn't like me

The other doesn't care anymore like she ever cared for real

To others

I'm just invisible

Like for real

They just forget all tge good things I've done for them

Bl**dy Bas****s

They just come to me when they need me

When they're all alone and non of their f**king friends are around


I really hate you all

And yeah

Go f**k yourself

Go mas****** with that hole in the wall or I don't with your pen or sth f**kers

You filthy worthless rude animals

That don't know anything about how hard life can be

How pain really feels

Poor little maso*****s

You don't even know the differences between loneliness and being alone

Cuz you never were really lonely

You would always find someone to hang around and waste time with

You're even scared of it

You thought I will come and beg to stay

Go die

Go rott in hell

Go wherever you want

Like I care

Like I'm gonna break into pieces if you go

F***king go

I had this before

I'm used to it

Don't return

Never ever return

And if I see you again

I wouldn't even show that I know you

Cuz now you're just SIUTK

And I will never forgive you

I will never forgive anyone

And I won't forget


I close the doors

No matter how much you knock

I'm not gonna open it

Not again

Not untill my S. Comes

And even if he/she didn't

I don't care

When you won't understand it yourself

I don't see any reason to make you understand it

Cuz then that understanding it useless


I will survive

Filthy liars

Don't ever come back

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